10Bet for Wimbledon fans
02.07.2015; 19:58

wimbledon 10bet

10Bet launches special promotion for Wimbledon events. The greatest feast in the tennis world will be exciting also for betting lovers. Something what no bettor can miss offers 10Bet. The rules are simple bet at least 5 EUR on any Wimbledon match and you will receive a rematch worth 50% of your stake up to 10 EUR. Simple as that! No matter what the result is! You win anyway! To claim your refund you must send an e-mail with special code given on the bookmaker's website. Check it out on 10Bet!

Do you know...
Bookmakers odds vary in dependence on forecasts and profit margin. Sometimes a favorite for one bookie is not a favorite for another. Capturing these differences and betting at the most generous bookmaker pays off in the long run.